Woman Horrified After Taking Abortion Pill, Delivering Her Dead Baby in the Toilet

Woman Horrified After Taking Abortion Pill, Delivering Her Dead Baby in the Toilet by  Bonnie Finnerty for Life News

GNN Note – Not sure what these women are expecting when they take these types of drugs. This pill is designed to specifically murder a child in the womb. Why would someone be surprised at this type of revelation? The drug did exactly what it intended to do. The drug did exactly what it said it would do. Now, this person is freaking out over the result? Did she think it was like taking out the trash? You set the can out on the curb and like magic everything disappears without any consequences? Well, there are always consequences. / END

The two red lines sent her into a state of panic.

A call to Planned Parenthood confirmed she need not come in for an examination.  A tele-med appointment would now suffice. And it would cost less.

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Within an hour, the prescription was ready. Two little pills would be her “lifeline.”

No one will ever know. This is safe.  This is easy. They told me so. This will give me my future back.

She wanted to believe all that. Hours later, reality proved otherwise.

Tears rained down her face while she tried to muffle cries and endure excruciating cramps.

Blood. Everywhere. Severely weakened, all she could do was lay on the cold floor for hours.

Hemorrhaging and pain would last for weeks. The trauma forever.

No one told her.

No one told her that women have died from these pills. That thousands have serious complications.

No one warned that the “tissue” she passed would have a little nose and perfectly formed upper lip.

No one explained she’d deliver a tiny baby, her baby into a toilet, an image she would never be able to unsee.

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