While You Adios California, Your New State Wants You to Leave Your Bad Policies Behind

While You Adios California, Your New State Wants You to Leave Your Bad Policies Behind By Jennifer Oliver O’Connell for Red State

GNN Note – For those fleeing one of the democrat cesspools. Just keep in mind, as you head for the exit, DO NOT – REPEAT – DO NOT CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU WERE DOING THAT CREATED THE CESSPOOL YOU ARE  FLEEING. The people of Tennessee are not fleeing Tennessee to jump into the cesspool you created – you are coming to the calm, sweet waters of CONSERVATIVE – the OPPOSITE OF PROGRESSIVE – Tennessee. DO NOT BRING YOUR SAME MINDSET – WE DON’T IT. / END

This young man took to his Twitter account and blog to confess he has become a cliché. Hari Raghavan spent years sneering at those exiting the State of California, but now admits he is making this move. Raghavan is a tech guy (big surprise), who is trampling the wilted rose of the Silicon Valley under his feet for the more lustrous waves of Silicon Beach.

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From Raghavan’s blog:

**Warning: contains coarse language**

This is not a “f*ck SF” post. This is a lament of what has been lost, and a wistfulness for what could have been.

A year ago I was smirking at the people moving out of the Bay Area. I thought these were fairweather citizens, silly for moving to political train-wrecks like Texas or Florida.

Twelve months on, my wife and I find ourselves packing our life into boxes. Not to run towards a place where we feel greater love, but just to leave. The pendulum has swung hard in the last twelve months.

I didn’t think this change in my mindset would happen, or so quickly. I wanted to share the journey, in part because I’ve been in both camps at various points, and I hope those on most parts of the spectrum will consider this a reasonable, balanced perspective.

In summary — there have been many wonderful things about the Bay Area environment and local tech ecosystem. Some of those things persist. But enough challenges in quality of life have emerged and accelerated in recent years that the benefits are very clearly far outweighed by mounting frustrations.

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