Party Like A Billionaire…While Drinking Liberal Tears…

Party Like A Billionaire…

The images below from a 1972 party hosted by one of the richest people in history shows how depraved these satanic globalist are at their core. When have seen these images for years, but never in a video format like this. It is appreciated that someone took time to do this so we can more easily share them and allow more people to ignore the significance.

Never forget these same people that are screaming at you, telling you what horrible person you are and that you should expect a winter of illness and death – yeah, those people are the same people that just a year ago were saying DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE.

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It’s not about the vaccine it’s about control and digital I.D. – once you accept the vax you then will accept the digital I.D. and any notion of freedom will evaporate before your eyes.

Nothing like liberal tears for breakfast!! They’re the best!!

Remember in January and February 2020 when all those images of people falling over face first in the streets were circulating? Well, we remember quiet well because we published several of them on our shut down The Daily Coin website. This is what it has become.

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