The Omicron Fake-out

The Omicron Fake-out by James Howard Kunstler

My guess is that Americans, by and large, cherish Christmas more than they fear the latest Covid-19 government-sponsored terror campaign, and that the globalist tyrants — or whatever you want to call them — behind “Joe Biden” have now gone a mind-fuck too far. Omicron is all they have left, and it’s not much to work with. Spreads easily, mild presentation, immunizes naturally. What’s not to like about this variant of SARS-CoV-2? Kind of looks like an off-ramp from the Covid-19 mass formation psychosis nightmare.

Of course, the last thing the authorities want is an end to the pandemic panic. The Emergency Self-Authorized President Anthony Fauci was all over cable news Sunday night with dire warnings about a winter-of-death! “We have a tough few months ahead,” he warned. “Get boosted!” A CNN blonde told the nation: “The case for boosters has never been stronger.”

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Is that so? Omicron supposedly started in South Africa some weeks ago and Covid deaths there are at an 18-month low. The existing “vaccines” appear to be completely ineffective against omicron, so how is more of that stuff going to help? And then why all the hysteria about vaxxing up the vaxx-resistant? Insofar as the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines present not insignificant risks of harmful-to-fatal side effects, plus being ineffective, what is the prudent bet there? Speaking of which, will the public even be able to discern whether the alleged winter death surge is a result of Covid or of adverse reactions to the vaxxes? My money would be on adverse vaxx events.

Why is there absolutely no talk — except in the state of Florida, run by Governor Ron DeSantis — about comprehensive early treatment of Covid? Why is the CDC not setting up early treatment centers around the USA, where people with symptoms can receive monoclonal antibody infusions and kits of well-known, cheap, safe and effective oral medicines that can be used easily at home to defeat the virus? (Those medicines have been surreptitiously outlawed by our own CDC, you know.) Is it outlandish to suppose that the official “Joe Biden” government objective is to allow as many people to die as possible in order to keep the public terrorized? Meanwhile, they’ve provoked the public to line up for Covid tests using a PCR system so discredited for Covid detection that months ago the CDC scheduled it to go offline on December 31st, (And, uh, why the long time-lag between the decision and the action? Answer: it allows the CDC to falsely jack up case numbers until the year’s bitter end.)

With the apparent defeat of the Build Back Better boondoggle, following a long list of other failures, the “Joe Biden” regime’s main chance for retaining any power is to keep the Covid panic going long enough to re-run the mail-in voting scams of 2020 in the 2022 congressional elections. It’s a weak play, though, since the opposition is fully onto it. And if the Democratic Party loses as many seats in Congress and the Senate as it deserves to lose, not a single piece of their toxic legislation will see daylight until the mastodons come home in the next ice age. Also consider that Democratic Party operatives by the limousine-load will be hauled in to testify before opposition-controlled committees and many of these will be subject to criminal referrals.

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