Sex trafficking survivor: “I slept w/ politicians, your fathers, CEO’s. Against my will.” (Video)

Sex trafficking survivor: “I slept w/ politicians, your fathers, CEO’s. Against my will.” Video

This sex trafficking survivor protects girls from hell she endured.

If you had a sister, or a cousin, or a niece, or a daughter and somebody was selling her, wouldn’t you want something done about that? One in four women in the United States will become victims of sexual violence. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates there are between 14,500 and 17,500 victims of sex trafficking per year in the United States alone. Emmy Myers, a local survivor of sex trafficking and advocate for victims, is working to change that statistic.

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Myers’s pimp kept her high pretty much all of the time and used drugs as a way to keep her from protesting the arrangement. Myers was “lucky” in a sense. None of the men she slept with were violent with her. Most of them were respected, successful career-driven men. Most of them had families at home. “This is what surprises America,” Myers said. “It’s not these big, fat smelly gross guys. It’s often very prominent men in the community. The issue isn’t just something from a Hollywood movie.”

Myers is the founder of Lacey’s Hope Project, a Wisconsin-based project she started in memory of a close friend and fellow victim of sex trafficking. While she was fortunately rescued, Myers emphasized this could happen to anyone. Her project’s goal is to help raise awareness of modern day slavery by focusing on the signs and dangers of sex trafficking and survivors’ healing processes. Listen to her story and learn more. Please help her get the message out!

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