Archbishop Viganò defends Cardinal Müller and his Great Reset critique

Archbishop Viganò defends Cardinal Müller and his Great Reset critique by Maike Hickson for Life Site News

Vigano comments on those considered by the ‘globalist Sanhedrin’ to be heretics, ‘unworthy to ask questions about the new dogmas of the health religion defined ex cathedra by the experts in the pay of BigPharma.’

After Cardinal Gerhard Müller gave Catholic activist Alexander Tschugguel a thoughtful and good interview concerning the coronavirus lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and especially the dangerous and anti-democratic agenda of the Great Reset, he came under strong attacks in Germany. Both state and faith leaders rebuked him for purportedly spreading “conspiracy theories” and even “anti-semitic codes,” because he mentioned George Soros as one of the globalists whose worldview he is rejecting.

LifeSite reached out to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, whose strong position against the Great Reset is well-known, asking him whether he would like to comment on the strong reaction against Cardinal Müller’s reasonable critic of the current political developments which seem to use the health crisis in order to establish an anti-democratic, globalist order.

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We thank Archbishop Viganò for his immediate response and help.

Please see here the full statement by the Italian prelate (an Italian version follows the below English translation):

Ephpheta, quod est, Adaperire!

“Ephphatha!”, Which means: “Be opened!”

Mk 7:34

The virologist who affirms the ineffectiveness of the vaccine and highlights the serious conflicts of interest in the officials responsible for the authorization of drugs or therapies; the member of the Parliament who objects to the advisability of imposing lockdowns after they have proved useless to contain the pandemic and disastrous for the nation’s economy; the jurist who criticizes the rules imposed by the Government in violation of the Constitution; the parish priest who from the pulpit questions the morality of an experimental serum produced with abortive fetuses; the intellectual who points out how the criminal plan of the Great Reset promoted by the World Economic Forum and the United Nations Agenda 2030find timely and disturbing realization precisely following that pandemic emergency hoped for since 2009 by Jacques Attali in the French weekly L’Express are considered by the globalist Sanhedrin as heretics, unworthy to ask questions about the new dogmas of the health religion defined ex cathedraby the experts in the pay of BigPharma. We can imagine what honesty and impartiality can be ensured by controllers paid by the controlled. am not surprised that the truth provokes mixed reactions in those who propagate the error that opposes it. The reactions of the Pharisees to the words of Our Lord – starting with the theatrical gestures of Caiaphas to the proclamation of His divinity by the Messiah – always betray the anger of liars and people in bad faith in the face of the affirmation of truth and intellectual honesty. And this indignation as forced as it is unmotivated, having no arguments to counter the refutation, often moves to the interlocutor, in an attempt to ridicule him, make him pass for mad or a dangerous criminal:

There is no point in citing the writings and the statements of the exponents of the deep state in which they brazenly confess their criminal project. Let’s take for example the quote from Jacques Attali:

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