The Greatest Work God Is Doing in the Church and Ministry Today

The Greatest Work God Is Doing in the Church and Ministry Today by BERT FARIAS for Charisma News

When you feel like you’ve come back from the dead, life in Jesus takes on a new dimension.

Your heart beams with love and gratitude for every new day of your earth walk, every member of the body of Christ, and every lost sinner and hurting soul.

I sincerely believe that this is the greatest work God is doing in local churches all across America and the nations of the world. It’s part of the great division He is bringing between flesh churches and spirit churches, superficial churches and supernatural churches, traditional churches and love churches.

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In the present hour, true faith is becoming very precious to many eternally minded believers.

People Crave Authenticity

A trend I have picked up on over the past year or two is the growing discontentment with anyone who is superficial, lacking in authenticity or who has the hallmarks of someone climbing or building a self-serving platform that uses people to further their own agenda.

Whether those in the political arena, corporations or anyone who offers some kind of service, ministry and churches, the outcome is the same. Men and women want to connect with those who are genuine and selfless and who have no other agenda but to serve others.

This is the cry of my heart right now.

It echoes the same heart-cry that was in the heart of Paul the apostle, who was gripped by a great love and longing to see the faces of the saints and impart some spiritual gift to them that they might be established (Rom. 1:11, 1 Thess. 2:17)

There is a deep hunger for these types of relationships because many have been starved of it for way too long. Authenticity is a rare commodity these days. Even when somebody comes across with this rare spirit at first contact, too often if you give them enough time, their true colors will come through. You will inevitably find that they will only help you or hear you out if it benefits them.

How did we become like this? I can understand those in the world being like this, but how has this come to infect so many who call themselves believers and ministers? Most people start out with pure motives, but life has a way of burning us out and changing us from someone with pure motives into someone who merely sees others as a means to get to where they want to go.

The Spirit of the World

This is the spirit of the world, and it has no place in the hearts of men and women of God. By “men and women of God,” I am not referring to a professional title, but to anyone who has been called by God to follow Jesus. We do not have a choice but to follow Him and to treat others the same way He treats us—not for what we can get out of them but for the beauty we can help unlock in them.

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