Stores in Germany now have signs saying “Unvaccinated Not Welcome”

Stores in Germany now have signs saying “Unvaccinated Not Welcome” by Joel Abbott for Not the Bee

Everyone laughs when you compare something to the Nazis, but when it’s literally a case of German society being segregated, with hatred being projected toward one group on signs that ban them from stores, I THINK there’s a case to go full-blown red alert on this sucker.

Look at this storefront. Notice the sign!

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It literally says, “unvaccinated undesired!” or “unvaccinated not welcome!”

The exclamation point lets you know they MEAN it.

Now look at these German storefronts from 80 years ago:

“Germans defend yourselves, do not buy from Jews”

And these German signs from the same time (notice the same word for “undesired” is used here as well).

Because these needs to be shouted ad nauseam, there is no evidence that the unvaccinated 1) don’t have natural immunity (which is far superior to the limited spike-protein protection provided by the vax), 2) are greater vectors for spreading the disease, or 3) responsible for the natural mutation of the virus.

Yet this is a German grocery store:

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