Graphene Oxide: Little Razor Blades In Your Blood Slashing Your Organs Until You Bleed To Death

Graphene Oxide: Little Razor Blades In Your Blood Slashing Your Organs Until You Bleed To Death from The Burning Platform

Forget the pitfalls of mRNA, or that the spike protein is the disease … it’s the graphene oxide that’s killing people.  And if this video is to be believed, graphene IS in EVERY Covid Shit Shot.  Sadly, the guy in the video was ambushed and murdered the very next day after he made the video!  Hmmm, that alone is enough proof for me.  (His wife’s testimony at the 19 minute mark is heartbreaking.)  

I’m sure you’re exhausted reading all the Covid articles but, folks, this one is worth your time.  Just stunning.  How anyone could take the Shit Shot after seeing this is beyond me.  And, I’m not even going to make ANY exceptions anymore … like, “I need the money to feed my family“.  Hey, pal, you won’t feed your family when you’re DEAD!  Or, “I need the shot to visit Austria“.  Hey, pal, Austria has turned in a Dystopian Shithole!  Don’t take the shot … EVER!!!

Graphene COVID Kill Shots: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself

I compiled all the evidence we have into this article that prove Graphene Oxide, Graphene Hydroxide and other Graphene variants are in fact being injected into people by governments and Big Pharma.

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This evidence was discovered and proven numerous times already by independent research teams, scientists, Biotech whistleblowers and the few ethical Journalists remaining.

There’s a concerted effort by the pharmaceutical cartel funded “fact checkers,” Big Tech platforms and mainstream media, to hide the evidence and slander the people bringing this to light.

Once you go over the evidence provided here, you must take action for the safety of you and your families.

Serve all war criminals participating in this COVID death jab program with a Notice of Liability for the murders they are committing.

This is definitive action that any person can take, worldwide.

The notices are already drafted by legal teams so why not use them and let our enemies be on the defensive. The criminals will be reminded of the Nuremberg trials, and informed that they will be brought to justice. They need to cease and desist from acting knowingly and willfully in mandating “vaccine” death jabs and enforcing them. The evidence to the danger is clear and deaths have been proven. Anyone administering or mandating these “vaccine” kill shots are doing so without Informed Consent.

Compilation of Evidence

On November 2nd, a prominent Professor at the University of Almeria, Dr. Pablo Camprarevealed his detection of Graphene in multiple Covid-19 “vaccine” vials, using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy. The Dr. Campra’s University of Almeria report demonstrated the detection of Graphene and Graphene Oxide in 8 samples from various “vaccine” manufacturers.

In response, Dr. Andreas Noack released a scathing video commenting on Dr. Campra’s report. Dr. Noack is a chemist and the world’s leading expert in activated carbon engineering and GRAPHENE. Dr. Noack did his PhD doctoral thesis on how to turn Graphene Oxide into Graphene Hydroxide.

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