Why Are These People So Desperate To Inject EVERYONE? – Leave No Arm Unmarred

Why Are These People So Desperate To Inject EVERYONE? – Leave No Arm Unmarred

Is this not a simple question that everyone should be asking? What is the point of forcing everyone – I mean 100% – to take a injection that has 55 years to reach a conclusion on wether it’s safe, effective or necessary? 55 years!!

Now these satanic-globalist, aided by their salesmen on TV, are doing anything and everything to make sure this poison is in as many bodies as possible as quickly as possible – Why?

Does it have to do with 5G being rolled out in 2022? 5G is already in several communities around the world, but the goal is to truly ramp up the spread during 2022. There is evidence to show the 5G waves will mobilize the ingredients in the Pfizer mRNA vakscene. You know, make the ingredients come to life.

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Why are we not allowed to know what is in the vakscene? Why? Ooohhh, now I see…

Now, apparently, in Los Angeles they are injecting children without parents permission.

Are you ready for 3 more vakscenes to cover the latest cold, I mean, “variant”? You know, that South African Health Minister stated, publicly, was milder and caused fewer problems then the original variant!!! Yeah…line up!!

this is an isolation hotel in Calgary, Canada

This is Funeral Director telling you what he is seeing…

What could motivate someone to lie about a situation like this? What could motivate a person to spread information like this?

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