Release The Videos

The democrats, specifically corrupt-to-the-core Nancy Pelosi, are withholding more than 1,000 hours of surveillance videos from the Capital Building on January 6th, 2021 – you know, the infamous “insurrection”. If it was as bad as the democrats claim why wouldn’t they want us to see crimes? They sure wanted us to see cities burning to the ground, cold-blooded murder in the streets and criminals setting up the “CHOP” in downtown Seattle. However, when it comes to the “crimes” committed on the “darkest day in American history” well, those crimes we aren’t allowed to see.

Maybe the crimes they are attempting to hide look a lot like what happens in the video below.

We now return to our regularly scheduled updates on the spread of tyranny, the destruction of Liberty and the compliant boot-lickers “just following orders”. If the boot-lickers knew anything – i mean anything at all – about history, they would not put themselves in this position. It has never ended well for them – never in all of history.

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This is the section where we report, not only the tyranny, etc, but we showcase the uprising, the people awakening others and as well as awakening themselves.

Never believe for a minute that you are alone in your conviction to remain a pureblood. The vaccine free will remain. We will remain after so many of our family and friends are gone. We will mourn their passing, then we will rejoice in their arrival at the feet of Jesus Christ.

If you are on Twitter and not following Libs of TikTok – you should stop what you’re doing – we’ll wait here – and follow her immediately. Brilliant is an understatement. Remarkable the people she has exposed – makes national coverage on a regular basis.

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