Predators On TV Telling You What Is Real and What Is Fake…

Predators On TV Telling You What Is Real and What Is Fake…

These are all sexual predators in one form or another. If you don’t think so, why haven’t I been sued for defamation? They can’t because during the discovery phase the situations listed below would, once again, be brought front and center.

If these people can’t be trusted to treat people like they matter, then how are we suppose to believe anything they say? Have they repented of their sins? Have they begged forgiveness during one of the appearances on TV? Have they renounced their behavior, live, on TV? Well, if you’re having a problem with your sexual sins, then maybe you should look into doing the 12 Steps and repenting your sins. Just saying this might help to restore some of the confidence people had in your voice delivering the “news”.

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Now turning to more serious issues than having sexual predators on national TV 5 nights a week or multiple times during the day and evening.

We find a Jewish man asking serious questions, presenting logical answers and presenting it to the world.

Another serious question – How did Dan Andrews know in 2017 that babies in 2020 and 2021 were going to be part of the largest human experiment in history? How is that possible unless he is either a prophet or person on the inside.

Since there are no rules or laws for the people in the ruling or banking class, and their hired thugs – you know, brown shirts – this is rapidly becoming the norm #JustFollowingOrders has never worked nor will it in the future.

The ruling and banking class did their best to combine these two thoughts.

The good news of the day…people around the world are awakening. People around the world are coming together and pushing back. Soon we will learn of the technological weapons these evil people have developed to use against us and we will know exactly what we must do to fight back.

In the meantime some of you out there should have a little fun with this new COVID home testing kit – 100% accurate. The only catch – must be done daily.

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