Are COVID passports a Trojan horse for introducing a worldwide social credit system?

Are COVID passports a Trojan horse for introducing a worldwide social credit system? by Kennedy Hall for Life Site News

Melissa Ciummei had startling things to say about the real motivation and goal behind the growing insistence on vaccine passports.

Melissa Ciummei, an Irish independent financial investor, is convinced that vaccine passports are ultimately about controlling your life to the point of implementing a global social credit system.

Ireland is struggling through a very stringent lockdown that rivals the toughest on Earth. Along with Canada, Australia, France and other places, Ireland has segregated its population into categories of “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” and has thereby barred the unvaccinated from legal participation in most social activities.

Ciummei appeared on an independent Irish political program called Iconoclast One to One and had startling things to say about the real motivation and goal behind the growing insistence on vaccine passports.

At the onset she made it very clear that she does not believe they are “vaccine passports.” “They’re not vaccine passports. They are data passports. They are participation passports,” she said. She pointed out that there is no medical reasoning behind the implementation of the certificates.

That the vaccines are not stopping transmission or serious illness associated with COVID — at least to the degree that the powers-that-be advertised months ago — is evident. Every day there are new stories of “breakthrough” cases diagnosed as COVID, and some nations are even seeing rates of the vaccinated being higher than the unvaccinated.

Many have made their opinions known as to what they believe is the goal of the COVID narrative. It is for the Great Reset. It is for the New World Order. It is for a new Communist globalist power. Etc.

It should be noted that none of these potential outcomes are mutually exclusive, and none of them are assured either. I often wonder that we might be giving the devil MORE than he is due by assuming that all the evil actors of the world have somehow accomplished a loyalty and fidelity to a common goal that even the “good guys” cannot approach.

Nonetheless, something absurd and mysterious is happening, and it is bad — irrespective of intended outcome, motivation, or who is pulling the strings.

You have likely heard of the “social credit system.” If you haven’t, the idea behind it is that your economic privileges are tied to your personal habits and beliefs. Have unacceptable political views on social media? You don’t get a loan. Use too much carbon? You have your utilities cut off.

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