Nothing is Anybody’s Fault

Nothing is Anybody’s Fault By Clarice Feldman for American Thinker

Some time ago, P.J. O’Rourke was both prescient and witty when he observed:

“Liberals have invented whole college majors — psychology, sociology and women’s studies — to prove that nothing is anybody’s fault.”

This week we have more evidence that nothing is anybody’s fault although the reasons for that may include even more than those P.J. named. Narcissistic celebrities, mendacious media and politicians, and blinkered prosecutors and Soros-funded district attorneys like Milwaukee County’s John Chisolm and San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin are also part of the mix. Stupid voters aren’t off the hook in my estimation either.

The Media Blame Shifting

For years the media played megaphone to the FBI’s lying finaglers on RussiaGate. As the story is now dead except to Andrew Weissman and the gullible few who fell for it, the media says it wasn’t their fault they published lies nonstop. You must read all of Lee Smith’s wonderful summary of the MSM mendacity on this score.

He’s right on the factual recitation and his conclusion is inarguable:

In other words, all of Russiagate — the initial crime and the criminal cover-up — is based on the dossier. No matter how much reporters now try to sever themselves from it while maintaining Trump really did collude with Russia, there was only ever the dossier.

So should the Pulitzer committee strip the Post and the Times of their 2018 prize, as Trump and many of his supporters are saying? By no means. That would only further obscure the damage the media have done to American citizens, U.S. national security, and government institutions during the past several years. The press sponsored an intelligence operation that, among many other outrages, violated the privacy rights of an American citizen (Page); forced another to flee his adopted home for fear of false imprisonment (Millian); dragged a decorated combat veteran through the mud and cost him his home and millions of dollars in legal fees (Flynn); interfered in an election, and helped spies target the president through leaks of classified information. Demanding they simply return the awards they use to credential themselves obscures the larger truth. Instead, it would be more fitting for the Post and Times to have the prize’s citation emblazoned on their mastheads for posterity to commemorate how they injected poison into the national bloodstream and burned down our free press.

District Attorney Blame Shifting

The record is clear — no sane person would have granted low bail or any bail at all to Darrell Brooks, Jr., the man who drove his SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, massacring grannies and kids.

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