Australia Has Fallen. Is Our Nation Next?

Australia Has Fallen. Is Our Nation Next? by Jeff Thompson for The Organic Prepper

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Regular readers of world events have long since understood this fact – that Australia has turned into a fascist state reminiscent of The Children of Men.

We are witnessing the death of free speech

Throughout the course of the past two years, we’ve witnessed the death of free speech in what was once a (relatively) free nation. We’ve seen pregnant women arrested in front of their screaming children for Facebook posts which organized ACTUAL peaceful anti-slavery protests. Police entered her home, told her she had broken the law for doing so, and took her away an hour before she had her ultrasound. You can see the video of it below. Your blood will boil.

Australia has taken things even further

We’ve covered this at TOP before, but it bears repeating. It is within Australia that police can now “legally” change one’s social media posts to say anything they feel to.

With this kind of law MORE pregnant women could be arrested for posting about taking their dog to the groomer. All police have to do is go in, change the post to some violent diatribe, and voila – you’re a criminal. A very convenient excuse to be able to arrest literally anybody for anything, is it not? What is the purpose of this if not to exert complete control over a populace? To instill fear against all for ANY level of speaking out whatsoever. The message is clear: sit down, shut up, and let us do what we want, or we will ruin your life.

Keep in mind, the cops can do this “legally”

Laws were changed to give an air of legality to violating human rights. Where have we seen this before in history? In what other time periods can we find a series of “laws” which were given to allow people to commit egregious acts against others?

If you need a hint, below is some picture help from when Hitler took over Ukraine. And it was all perfectly “legal”.

What goes through a mother’s mind as she holds onto her little one in such a situation? Are her last words “I’m sorry”, as she whispers into her little one’s ears for the last time, an apology for not being able to protect them? Or is it perhaps one last ‘I love you’, the last words that little one will ever hear, as just one more hug is shared?

History is being echoed

Do you think I’m being over the top here? Consider that it was just a few months ago it was “rumored” that Australia was building camps to which they could remove its own citizens. This was widely blasted as a “conspiracy theory” by anybody who brought it up.

“No, that can’t be true. It’s too far-fetched. That’s not really happening,” replied the TV minds.

Then we received further confirmation. It is irrefutable now. Melbourne is building a camp called the “Centre for National Resilience”, a location built for people to sleep until “they are no longer deemed a threat to public health according to government standards.” [source]

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