All The Pretty Girls Go To Camp…

All The Pretty Girls Go To Camp…

These people are sick. The ad campaign for the “pandemic” uses pretty, young, smiling girls to sell you a concentration camp!!! No jab – go to camp!!

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I wonder why this isn’t smeared all over #legacymedia like CNN, MSLSD, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC and the like? hmmm…

The good news is…we are beginning to stand up, all ages, all races, all people, all around the world.

Not only are we waking up we some are getting the in face of these clowns in Washington DC and asking serious questions. We need a lot more of this on a daily basis. When you’re in front of the world, you have no place to hide.

If anyone at ASU knows this young lady we would be happy to send her to not-America. A place where she can hate America with fellow American-haters. We don’t think she will be very happy after coming to understand just how deeply they hate her. Maybe after the 3-4 days of endless gang rapes, beatings and being made to witness beheadings of homosexuals, prostitutes and other sexual deviants she would come to understand that what she thinks she knows or understands is only an idea that some lunatic college professor, that she paid thousands of dollars, taught her and that it doesn’t actually exist anywhere outside of his/her classroom. Maybe then she would come to realize the lie she has been fed; assuming, of course, she makes it out alive.

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