AFTER THE NOTRE DAME FIRE: A THEME PARK? By Joseph P. Farrell for Giza Death Star

Today’s blog is unusual, in that I am not going to comment much on the article, other than to say that, being a traditionalist, I shudder to think what sort of post-Vatican II nonsense might be in the offing for the restoration of Paris’ famous Notre Dame Cathedral. But I’ll leave that to the reader to make up his own mind. I’ll save my commentary for after the article. My thanks to all of you who shared versions of this story:

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris to go ‘woke’ in ‘Disney revamp’

What I found interesting is the collapse of the central spire onto the ugly Vatican II slab that functioned as an altar in the Cathedral, while much of the medieval trappings and artwork in the Cathedral was left intact. If indeed Someone was trying to tell the Archdiocese of Paris something, it appears that the message was not received…:

If the roof and, sadly, the very structure of Notre Dame have suffered much by the awful fire of April 15, 2019, the medieval treasures that adorn its interior were mostly, and perhaps even miraculously saved, from the superb stained-glass windows dating back to the Middle Ages to the high altar, and even the 14th-century statue of the Virgin and Child was intact, although it was situated close the modern altar in the middle of the transept. That unsightly work of art was destroyed when the spire came down, causing the stones of the ceiling to fall on it. But the monumental organ, the side-chapels and the delicate high-reliefs bordering the chancel were all intact.

After the tomfoolery and high jinks of the Second Vatican Council and its liturgical “renewal” I for one shudder to think what might be in the offing.  If the article is correct, it will be something like a slide-show.  And it’s almost guaranteed to be modern, and therefore ugly.

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