New Film Reveals Hardboiled Atheist C.S. Lewis’ Lifesaving Transformation

New Film Reveals Hardboiled Atheist C.S. Lewis’ Lifesaving Transformation BILLY HALLOWELL for Charisma News

Legendary Christian writer and thinker C.S. Lewis went from “vigorous debunker of Christianity” to one of history’s most transformative and apologetic faith voices.

But most people today are much more acquainted with his hit books like Mere Christianity and The Chronicles of Narnia than the finer details of his compelling faith journey.

Nearly 60 years after Lewis’ death, that spiritual evolution is getting a fresh look through the popular new film, The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis.

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Actor Max McLean, who plays Lewis in the movie, recently told Faithwire about the author’s stunning transformation from “hard-boiled atheist” to Christian apologist. Watch McClean explain:

“[Lewis] lost his mother to cancer at the age of so of 9, he had a terrible relationship with his father. … and he also experienced a butchery of being in the trenches of World War I,” McClean said. “And he came to the conclusion after that that either there’s no God behind the universe, a God who’s indifferent to good and evil—or worse, an evil God.”

But as we know: that was hardly the end of Lewis’ spiritual journey. He eventually came to accept Christ and to formulate some of the best and most compelling arguments for God and the Bible.

McClean said Lewis is, in some ways, a “paradox,” as he was a private man who had so many public proclamations that have spanned decades and transformed lives.

“Not only does he explore things spiritually and emotionally, but he ties it together intellectually so that there’s no bifurcation of the spiritual, the emotional,” he said.

McLean also detailed the impact Lewis’ legacy has had on his own life. The actor said he was an adult convert to Christianity and the legendary author has helped him, through reading and studying his works, to “navigate the Christian faith in a way that’s deep—that’s profound.”

“Lewis helps me to stay on track,” he said.

McClean is in a unique position, as the actor has repeatedly adapted Lewis’ works for the theatrical stage for two decades now, using his acting chops to bring vivid spiritual writings to life.

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