Drug Addiction Recovery Documentary (Lucas’ AmazingTrue Story) Video

Drug Addiction Recovery Documentary (Lucas’ AmazingTrue Story) Video

Lucas’ true story of drug addiction and recovery (Documentary). For all of you that think you (or a loved one) will never get recovery, this addiction story will bring you hope. Lucas had been homeless, hit multiple bottoms, was in countless rehabs, and lost several people he cared about, because of addiction. His family had tried everything. Most people would have just given up, but Lucas’ family refused to give up.

Lucas overdosed on many occasions, he was homeless, he lost so many relationships, and his friends were dying of addiction. Can you force someone to go to rehab? Lucas’ parents did on more than one occasion. Eventually, forcing him into addiction treatment was the thing that got his clean and sober (and into long term recovery). But before that, there were a LOT of relapsing and many bottoms.

If you’re wondering how to help someone with an addiction who is in denial, this video is going to help you understand how people with drug and alcohol problems think and which will help you understand how to approach someone in denial.

Lucas came from a very loving family, went to a private Catholic school, and was taught to be hardworking and responsible, but none of these things protected him again developing a severe addiction problem before he was even old enough to drive.

Like many teens, he experimented with alcohol and pot, but by the time Lucas was 15 years old, he had developed a full-on crack addiction. His parents tried relentlessly to help him.

They changed his school multiple times, they sent him to treatment over and over again, they kicked him out, but nothing they did seemed to make a difference.

They were forced to watch their son spiral into addiction and couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Lucas experienced every major consequence you could imagine. He lost friends, he didn’t graduate high school on time, he overdosed multiple times, he lost friends to overdoses, he was homeless, and the list goes on and on. None of these consequences made a difference.

Everything Lucas would get out of a rehab center, he went directly back to drugs and alcohol.

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