Why Are The Global Elite Creating So Much Hysteria About The Omicron Variant?

Why Are The Global Elite Creating So Much Hysteria About The Omicron Variant? by  for End of the American Dream

Omicron is coming!  Hide the women and children in your emergency bunkers immediately!  Of course I am being facetious.  There is absolutely no reason to panic because of this new variant, but the global elite and the mainstream media would have us believe that we are now facing a horrifying global catastrophe of epic proportions.  All of a sudden, the airwaves are full of talk about new travel restrictions, new lockdowns and new booster shots.  And all of the major news networks are giving copious amounts of time to Dr. Television as he prattles on about how dangerous this new variant could become.  Sadly, he is once again making all sorts of exaggerated statements that will look completely ridiculous six months from now.  But six months from now everyone will almost certainly be talking about some other “monster variant” that has just emerged.

If Omicron did appear to be a very serious threat, I would definitely be warning my readers about it.

Thankfully, at this point there doesn’t seem to be anything alarming about it, but the elite have decided to hit the panic button anyway.  In fact, over the long weekend a whole host of nations announced that they would be banning all air travel from South Africa

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Major travel destinations including the European Union, Japan, Australia, the United States and Canada have moved to block flights from African countries following the discovery of the Omicron variant, echoing previous emergency responses that triggered a global freeze on travel.

The speed with which the new restrictions were put in place — just hours after the South African health authorities announced the discovery of the variant, meant passengers have found themselves stranded without a warning. While scientists in South Africa were the first to identify the new variant, it is unclear whether it emerged there or was brought there from another country.

Based on the reaction, you would think that the current outbreak in South Africa must be absolutely nightmarish.

But it isn’t.

On Sunday, there were 6 new deaths from COVID in South Africa.

On the other hand, there were 102 new deaths from COVID in the United States.

So perhaps South Africa should actually be banning travel from the United States.

We keep getting more reports about the latest spots on the globe where Omicron has popped up, and I am sure that it will probably eventually spread everywhere.

Not taking any chances, the government of Israel has decided to slap a blanket ban on all foreign travelers

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