Give Leftist Thugs All the Due Process They Can Handle

Give Leftist Thugs All the Due Process They Can Handle by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

The loathsome anti-pallor rapper known as “Mathboi Fly” is accused of driving an SUV through a parade of pallor people in Wisconsin, and as conservatives we need to aggressively demand that he given every bit of due process he can take. Despite the media’s – if you pardon the expression – whitewash of what seems likely to be a racist vendetta spurred on by the garbage cesspool of Marxist/BLM/CRT lies he swam in, the evidence we have seen seems to point inextricably to this being a racial terror attack by a criminal degenerate.

Which is why is it so important, so transcendently vital, that we make sure this person gets every right due him as an accused.

We want him to have a terrific lawyer who will zealously seek to show that the state has not made its case (unlike the garbage public defenders of the January 6th defendants who appear eager to sacrifice their clients in order to own the Trump).

We want the prosecutor to turn over every scrap of evidence to the defense, especially potentially exculpatory evidence, in a timely fashion and without burying the most important stuff so defense counsel overlooks it. We want the prosecutor not hide witnesses, pull stunts like referring to the accused’s exercise of his right to remain silent, misstate the law, or alter video evidence.

We want a judge who will lambaste the prosecution if it lies or plays games.

We want a jury that will put aside its preconceived notions and look only at the evidence, apply the law, and come to a true and fair verdict.

If the atrocity that was the Kyle Rittenhouse persecution taught us anything it is the vital importance of due process when a significant portion of the population hates the accused. Look, I’m no fan of this Waukesha guy. The evidence I have seen looks damning. The presumption of innocence means the state must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt; it does not mean that those of us not sitting in the jury box can’t come to our own conclusions (though even we need to be open to evidence that might undermine what we think we know). But we, the normal people who the establishment wants to get rid of due process in order to oppress, must be the most forceful advocates for it.

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