Christianity is not rocket science

Christianity is not rocket science By Dan Delzell, Christian Post Contributor

Man does science with his soul. Your soul includes your intellect, emotions and decision-making ability. And most importantly, your soul is capable of interacting with God.

Christianity is not man reaching up to God, but God reaching down to man. Man did not ascend to Heaven in order to assist God. It was God who descended to Earth to die on the cross for the sins of man.

Christianity is not rocket science. God is far more complex than science.

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Paul A.M. Dirac said, “God is a mathematician of a very high order and He used advanced mathematics in constructing the universe.”

Some people find it hard to accept the fact that God is trillions of times smarter than the most intelligent scientist to ever walk on Earth.

As Albert Einstein famously said, “We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the books but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God.”

Man, by nature, becomes proud of his scientific knowledge, as if somehow he is the author of his intellectual prowess. Scripture draws man back to reality: “For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not?” (1 Cor. 4:7)

It was God who created man with a mind capable of doing science.

Former Cambridge University professor of mathematical physics John Polkinghorne said, “I believe that a full understanding of this remarkable human capacity for scientific discovery ultimately requires the insight that our power in this respect is the gift of the universe’s Creator who, in that ancient and powerful phrase, has made humanity in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27). Through the exercise of this gift, those working in fundamental physics are able to discern a world of deep and beautiful order — a universe shot thorough with signs of mind. I believe that it is indeed the Mind of that world’s Creator that is perceived in this way. Science is possible because the universe is a divine creation.”

Christianity is not rocket science. Your immortal soul is far more complex than science. And with your soul you can actually come to know Jesus Christ and enter into a personal relationship with God (John 10:7-14).

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