‘The Lord Told Me to Do It’: Elderly Woman’s Simple Act Each Morning Is ‘Making People’s Day

‘The Lord Told Me to Do It’: Elderly Woman’s Simple Act Each Morning Is ‘Making People’s Day By  for Faith Wire

“The Lord told me to do it.”

That’s Patrica Bracey’s explanation for why she stands along Route 10 in Chesterfield County, Virginia, six mornings a week and lovingly waves to passersby.

The 74-year-old told WTVR-TV her rush-hour routine is the highlight of her day — and others feel the same.

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“It makes people’s day,” she said. “And when it makes people’s day, it makes my day.”

Bracey said cars honk and wave back, with both parties gleaning a lot of joy from her simple act of kindness. Her selfless decision to intentionally inspire others led the media outlet to dub her: “The Minister of Wave.”

And that title seems more than appropriate, especially in light of Bracey’s explanation about why she decided last year to begin her inspirational walk and wave routine.

“The Lord told me to do it. In June of last year he told me to come up here and wave and smile and I’ve been doing it ever since,” she told WTVR-TV. “This is my ministry. This is my church. All it costs is a new pair of shoes.”

The impact Bracey is making is measurable, as neighbors and drivers told the outlet how her smiling and waving often helps lift them out of a negative spaces.

Despite Bracey’s kind and sunny disposition, life hasn’t always been easy. Nearly two decades ago, she was homeless and living out of her car before getting back on her feet — but her faith sustained her along the way.

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