Destroying Democracy by ‘Saving Democracy’

Destroying Democracy by ‘Saving Democracy’ By Paul Krause  for American Thinker

Democracy is a precious thing. When the Persians invaded Greece, a handful of Greek city-states banded together to defeat the imperialist pretensions of the “Great Kings.” Aeschylus says that the Greek soldiers and sailors rowed to war shouting “eleutheria” (freedom) in the decisive battle of Salamis. Ever since, there have been tremendous moments of heroic sacrifice in the name of liberty and democracy. To our national shame, the propaganda effort of the last year about “saving American democracy” is not one of them.

Following the September 11 Attacks, it was common to hear liberals and Democrats bemoan the erasure of civil liberties by the federal government as the War on Terror ratcheted up. The CIA, FBI, and other apparatuses of the security-surveillance state were assailed for their abuses of Constitutional civil liberties. Now, however, these same people—sans a few—are mostly quiet. In fact, they’re not merely quiet anymore, many openly endorse letting loose the hounds of the security state on fellow Americans whom they deem their enemies.

Overwhelming majorities of Democrats now favor the government censoring political views deemed “false” even at the expense of freedom of speech and writing. Liberal women, in particular, are leading the charge for greater and greater authoritarian censorship. It’s bad enough that a majority of Democrats previously supported tech companies to restrict and censor views, it’s far worse that they are now advocating the full force and power of the state to do so.

Democracy, as expressed in our Republic, thrives through a multiplicity of views, opinions, and ways of life. Conservatives know this, which is why conservatives have historically defended decentralization and civil society, and have been suspicious toward ever-increasing power of the state. The enforcement of a uniform way of life, opinions, and news outlets is antithetical to democracy.

Of course, the new totalitarians running the United States, and the new totalitarians who want the United States to be similar to China, will mask their intention for tyrannical uniformity under all the guises we are familiar with. They claim to be “saving democracy.” They claim to support “multiculturalism.” They claim to defend “diverse opinions.” Except they don’t. They only democracy they care about is their propagandistic democracy; by forcing the majority of Americans to comply with their views they claim the democratic spirit lives on.

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