While Biden Raises Taxes, DeSantis Drops $1 Billion Tax Credit on Florida

While Biden Raises Taxes, DeSantis Drops $1 Billion Tax Credit on Florida By Mike Miller for Red State

In this episode of “Biden Being Biden, DeSantis Being DeSantis”…

The inept occupant of the Oval Office kills one major oil pipeline and talks about killing another one while driving up inflation and gas prices with it. The governor of Florida suspends the state’s gas tax, providing $1 billion in relief to drivers feeling the pain at the pump. Biden being Biden, DeSantis being DeSantis.

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Speaking to reporters at a gas station in Daytona Beach on Monday, DeSantis decried “inflationary policies out of Washington” for driving up consumer prices in general and in particular, gas — ahead of the holidays.

“The price of a Thanksgiving dinner is up over 20 percent just over last year. I think what’s most dramatic, because it affects most people in their daily lives, is gas prices going up.

“We think this is a huge problem for working families in Florida. Really it hits everybody, but it particularly hits blue-collar people, people on fixed income.”

DeSantis said the state could and would provide immediate relief for Floridians by suspending the gas tax, as reported by The Blaze, until prices come back down — which will happen precisely at half-past Biden.

“The average family over a five or six month period, you know, could save up to $200. There’s a whole bunch of things that go into the price of gas.

“There’s different taxes, federal, state, local level, we’re taking over 25 cents from Florida and we will basically zero that out for as long as we can and do over a billion dollars. That’s going to make a huge, huge deal.”

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