The Tyrants Down Under…

The Tyrants Down Under…

Here are two of the craziest people on planet Earth. How these people sleep at night is beyond my comprehension. If you don’t think the devil is real and that he walks in evil please explain how these people ever were elected.

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This is why these people are making wrong decisions, evil decisions, that impact millions of lives…

Can you imagine standing before the world and saying you have already arrested people and are sending them to a quarantine camp? Isn’t that what Hitler did in the 1930’s and called it “the final solution”? What am I missing here? Why doesn’t a nation fly in their top notch high ranking elected official to condemn this situation? Why? – because they are all – ALL OF THE NATIONS – are in on this situation. They are all watching to see what type, what level, of push back they get so they can gauge how to handle their citizens. Yes I am speaking directly to the citizens of the U.S.A. Don’t think for a minute this is not coming to our shores. The camps are already in place. Believe what you wish it will have no effect on me. We balance our coverage here at Gospel News Network between keeping our eyes on Jesus Christ and looking out for what the enemy is doing. We chose Jesus Christ but keep a watch on the devil – that way we know his moves and what Jesus Christ says we are to do to counter.

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