Hunted vs Hunter – Who is Who?

Hunted vs Hunter – Who is Who?

She stated a “BLM protest“. Well, that’s 100% wrong, it was a riot. Kyle Rittenhouse did cross state lines, as most people do multiple times in their life and some people do it many times a year, a week or a day. Not a big deal. He did not – repeat – did not – carry a weapon across state lines.

The people she is defending were a 5x convicted child raping pedophile, a convicted felonious serial wife beater and a felony career criminal – who were – all three attacking the victim, Kyle Rittenhouse.

The judicial system was not “stacked against people of color” everyone was white. Ethnicity played no part. The law is the law and should be carried out equally. She states “I don’t care about Kyle Rittenhouse.” Not only is that obvious, that statement disqualifies everything she says. She is obviously prejudice and a racist. Then goes on to call the judge a racist. Once again exposing her hand as a 100% racist.

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She states “white people have been getting away with murder since time began.” Well that’s an interesting statement, not to mention racist. She is implying that no other ethnicity, no other race in the history of humanity has ever murdered someone and been released. That statement is too stupid to comment.

She states, “I care about you. You matter.” Who exactly is she addressing? I already know that I matter and I don’t need her sympathy, empathy or anything else. My value, my worth comes from God Almighty, through Jesus Christ not some random talking head on TV. Why does she feel the need to tell someone they matter?

She then goes on with a mini rant within her rant about “getting a sense of how much you matter“. She states – “a man will grab a gun that he shouldn’t have in the first place…” who made her an attorney of Constitutional Law or made her voice to carry any weight regarding who should be allowed to possess a firearm or not?

She continues “travels all the way to another state…” Once again a miscarriage of truth. This is intended to sound like Kyle Rittenhouse traveled across the country or at least a great distance, not a mere 21 miles from his Mothers house to his Dad’s house. She then drops the big one…”just to quiet you.” Quiet who? Who is hunting in this scenario? Who is the hunter and who is the hunted? According a random pick of 12 peers, the outcome was thus – the hunters were killed or wounded and the hunted was released as he was only defending his life from people that wanted to kill him.

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