Dopamine Addiction: What is it and how to recover from it? (Video)

Dopamine Addiction: What is it and how to recover from it? Video

Dear viewers! In this video Mr. Smart has explained Dopamine Addiction and dopamine addiction recovery and treatment in detail. Watch the complete video to learn how to reset the mind, what is dopamine detox and what are dopamine detox benefits.

Activities like video games for example are engineered to be dopamine dispensers. The constant shift between challenge and reward has been designed to be just the right amount to keep you hooked but it doesn’t create a meaningful engagement so it does not fulfill you. Besides this, social media is becoming a bigger cause for dopamine addiction nowadays.

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Resetting the mind of dopamine has become a need now-a-days. But how to reset the mind for Dopamine addiction recovery?

The best method is to do a hard reset for 24 hours which includes fully avoiding anything that triggers dopamine production. But you need to strictly follow the dopamine detox rules.

Things NOT allowed include: social media, smoking, drugs and alcohol, any form of digital entertainment (including porn), and you guessed it, masturbation.

But things you are allowed to do: eating a healthy diet, writing, reading, exercising, meditating, staring at walls & sleeping.

That’s how to do a dopamine addiction detox!

If you are planning to do a dopamine detox yourself, which Mr. Smart suggests that you should, please share your Dopamine Detox results with Mr. Smart and other viewers.

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