Why are people “celebrating” the death of other people?

Why are people “celebrating” the death of other people?

Bill Maher – Believe it or not this is actually clean. If the communist in the formerly democrat party listen to, and own, what Bill Maher just said, who knows maybe there is another John F. Kennedy waiting in the wings. You know, a real liberal, a true progressive and an actual democrat. Nah…all those people are now in the Republican Party attempting to MAGA and keep our country from becoming just another socialist / communist cesspool.

This is well worth your time, and please share as we need as many people as possible to hear this message. – Not one cuss word during the entire monologue – the way Bill Maher used to perform.

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Why are people “celebrating” the death of other people? Is this normal, is this acceptable?

Why are so many people defending and seeking vengeance against a child who defended himself, in a clear case of self defense? If someone had just threatened your life, with a weapon or without a weapon, would you defend your God given life from someone who is obviously following evil, following the devil and cares nothing for life?

Klaus Schwab – the very face of evil. The author of “The Great Reset” and the person attempting to influence leaders around the world to adopt his nightmare scenario. The good news is a great many of the leaders are completely rejecting this nonsense, but there are some that are so deeply corrupt that would sell a family member if it meant keeping power.

After a long weekend of family and friends I need a good laugh…These dogs are cracking me up!! Enjoy multiple times.

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