Mark Richards, Attorney Representing Kyle Rittenhouse (Videos)

Mark Richards, Attorney Representing Kyle Rittenhouse Videos

Pay very close – very close attention to the very end of the first segment. Cuomo cuts himself off as to not show his hand as it sounds like he going to agree with Mr. Richards. You be the judge. It’s funny that segment 2 video does not pick up at the true end point of segment 1. The video skips ahead either a few seconds, a few minutes, a couple of days…After editing some 700+ videos, anything, any time is possible.

Just as a reminder that none of this – not one second of this situation involving Kyle Rittenhouse, the serial pedophile child rapist, the serial wife beater or the career criminal, none of this had to happen and it could have, should have been stopped.

Other videos of a lighter fare surrounding the Rittenhouse case

This is by far the best video showing the reaction after the verdict was read…

One last thing…There was not a peep – not a single word that I heard about the young man on the right in the image below – not one word.

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