Until Policy Makers Feel The Pain of Their Decisions – Nothing Will Change…

Until Policy Makers Feel The Pain of Their Decisions – Nothing Will Change… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

When you say you want to eliminate guns, but you’re surrounded by armed guards it’s easy to say “we need to eliminate guns”. When you say you want to defund the police while you’re surrounded by armed guards, and live in a walled community, it’s easy to say “defund the police”. When you say get vaccinated or lose your job while you make the policy to exempt you, your staff and your friends company from being vaccinated it’s easy to make a policy stating “get vaccinated or lose your job”. When you say walls don’t work but open the southern border and invite the world to simply move in while you’re living in a walled community with another wall around your specific house, it’s easy to say “walls don’t work”.

We could go on for several more situations where the ruling and banking class make policies that do not directly impact them all the while foisting their horrible ideas upon you and I. It’s time to push back. Can imagine someone like Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsome or Lori Lightfoot being stripped of all their wealth, their privilege and their power? They would starve or be killed within the first month. They have no skills, no interpersonal skills and most people don’t like them. Few people, if any, would actually help them. Their satanic globalist friends, who would be the ones to put them in their newly found position, they wouldn’t help. People on the street, the ones that were punished by their policies, most of them wouldn’t help. If they became known they would be attacked at every corner they rounded.

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