This Is Why We Ask Questions And Rarely Accept A Government Answer…

This Is Why We Ask Questions And Rarely Accept A Government Answer…

While the tweet says “100’s”, which is wrong, it doesn’t take away from the actual information presented. Tehre are a number of important people that either, quiet literally, fell out of the sky or drown – alone. Since coincidence is not really a thing, one must ask – how did all these people in the same position, doing the same work, on the same project – find themselves dead?

All the unlucky things that happened to the 100’s of AIDS researchers in one video.

It’s because of evil men like this one, that weapons are a necessity. If people didn’t speak like they own us, we wouldn’t have to push back. As long as this type of language is used, well, we will do what must be done.

My individual decisions will always, and forever, supersede society. Society is one thing, my family and our well being is separate from those decisions. Always have been, always will be, period. This notion “for the greater good” is a lie that has been proven to be nothing more than communist double-speak for more than a hundred years. Time to awaken, arrest this man and charge him with crimes against humanity before an international tribunal.

What about this – why is Alexa now informing people what chemtrails are? I thought that was nothing more than a “conspiracy theory”. Yet another “theory” turned fact.

Pure bloods are going to be a thing in the very near future.

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