Time to Declare Victory Over COVID

Time to Declare Victory Over COVID by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

Can we just end this COVID nonsense now, or do some people have such empty lives that they can’t get beyond this ridiculous societal spasm because they need it to give their existence meaning? Sadly, they do, and you can see them licking their thin lips at the thought of more lockdowns. Except I am sick – pardon the expression – of having my life disrupted by their personal psychodramas. I get that this silly pandemic has been the most exciting, edgy, and interesting thing that will ever happen to many of our fellow citizens. It’s been their chance to cocoon in their condos watching Netflix and feeling like they are cheating death. But to the rest of us, it’s a pain in the Schumer and we’ve gone along with the whining sissies for too long.

The pandemic is over. We won. Deal with it.

Stop with this mask crap. Masks don’t work and we all know they don’t work but the paranoid freaks who form a huge part of President *’s lame base insist we wear them as some sort of totem to ward off the evil coronaspirits. It’s stupid + superstition – stupidstition.

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Follow the science? Where’s the science saying the masks have any effect but to give lonely, sexually underutilized lib wine mommies the giddy thrill of pretending they are confronting some perilous peril when they gag their pale, dopey kids and wrap a thong around their talkslots in order to go out in the sunshine and take a walk.

It’s dumb and degrading. But then liberals and their sissycon fellow travelers are dumb and they enjoy being degraded, and while I’m not going to kinkshame them, count me out. Masks are ridiculous and this freaky fetish needs to end. Find your thrills with mask porn in the nether reaches of the internet if that’s your jam, but stop insisting I join in your circle of jerks by stringing glorified tissue paper in front of my face.

Is there a risk from not wearing a mask? Not any appreciable risk, but if there were, so what? I’ll roll the dice in exchange for some dignity.

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