Who Will Take Care of Extended Family Members Post-Disaster?

Who Will Take Care of Extended Family Members Post-Disaster? by Aden Tate for The Organic Prepper

Have you thought about who will take care of extended family members, post-disaster? If you are the one who will be caring for them, have you thought about what that entails? You likely have a plan to gather up your spouse, kids, or grandkids in the event of a disaster in your region. But what about the others?

You never know who may show up at your door post-disaster

Family is family, and if you are the “crazy prepper” relative, you can likely expect relatives to show up post-disaster. You may have tried to convince some of them to prep to no avail. And here they are, at your door. 

Let’s assume there’s been a shutdown of all ports (causing a severe gasoline shortage). Multiple power grid cyberattacks have left much of the US in the dark. As well, strange weather events have caused the failure of most American crops this year. Two weeks have passed since everything took a turn for the worst, and the US is in chaos. There is no food, riots have erupted, and thugs are systematically robbing and murdering their way from neighborhood to neighborhood.

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Would you turn family away? If the answer is no, you will need plans to ensure that everybody is cared for. Here are some of my thoughts on the best way to prepare and plan for that aunty and three cousins who showed up. 

For those who want to help but feel they would be putting themselves at risk, this article can help.

Where will they sleep?

If you have extra furnished bedrooms in your home, this will significantly help. However, what if the number of family members that show up exceeds the number of beds and couches? I think camping cots and sleeping bags make for a fantastic means of sleeping extra people.

Sleeping on a hard floor is pretty rough, regardless of how young you are. A sleeping cot or sleeping pad can significantly improve the quality of one’s sleep. Paired with an extra sleeping bag can help ensure your relatives can stay warm as well on cold winter nights. After all, power outages go hand in hand with disasters!

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