This Is What You Need To Do Before You Die

This Is What You Need To Do Before You Die by  for End of the American Dream

Sometimes it takes a great tragedy to get us focused on what really matters.  Over the past couple of years, millions upon millions of people have died all over the globe, and millions more will soon die.  Most of us tend to think that we will live to a very advanced age, but the truth is that death has come for many a lot sooner than they expected.  Personally, I have been absolutely shocked by the number of people that have been suddenly dropping dead in recent weeks.  There are those that I knew personally that are now gone permanently.  There are others that did work that I greatly admired that have passed away way too early.  Death is seemingly everywhere, and I expect to see the death toll continue to rise in 2022.

Because of the work that I do, I am constantly monitoring major corporate news sources, and right now they are full of death talk.  It seems as though everywhere I go on the Internet, there is buzz about the vast numbers of people that are dying.  I share a list of 12 examples below, but I could have easily made it 120.  I am not sharing these examples because I agree with the faulty conclusions that mainstream sources have come to regarding the “excess deaths” that are happening.  Rather, my goal is to point out that “excess deaths” are happening on an absolutely massive scale, and this is something that is happening all over the globe…

#1 “CDC excess mortality data reveals troubling trend during the COVID pandemic”

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#2 “Excess Deaths Reveal the Pandemic’s Hidden Toll in Some U.S. Counties”

#3 “Heart disease remains leading cause of excess deaths in private homes”

#4 CNN: “Why vaccinated people dying from Covid-19 doesn’t mean the vaccines are ineffective”

#5 “ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID”

#6 “U.S. excess deaths rose nearly 23 percent in 2020, study finds”

#7 “Mexico’s Excess Deaths Far Exceed Official Coronavirus Toll”

#8 “60,000 more Brits than usual have died at home during pandemic”

#9 “Albania’s Excess Mortality Rate Highest in Europe”

#10 “Bolsonaro Confronts WHO Chief: ‘People Are Dying’”

#11 “India’s excess deaths during pandemic up to 4.9 mln, study shows”

#12 “There have been 7m-13m excess deaths worldwide during the pandemic”

Needless to say, the independent media is even more focused on all of the deaths that are happening than the corporate media is.

Every day I see more articles about people needlessly dying.

Fathers are dying, mothers are dying, young adults that had very promising futures ahead of them are dying, and children are dying.

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