These People Want All OfYour Life…

These People Want All OfYour Life…

For the past ten-plus-years there we have reported on the growing evil in this world. This evil did not start ten or so years ago, no, it started growing out of the pits of hell about hundred and fifty years ago and is just now “maturing” during this generation. Not sure that my generation will see the full manifestation of the plan that has been in motion all this time but we are seeing a fair amount of it play out right now.

The sad part is the complacent and the ones that are actually accepting all this as normal. It is truly frightening to see family and friends believe there is no God, believe that government is here to help and that bankers are a friend to the community. The “woke” crowd, unfortunately for them, will go first as they are the weakest in body, mind and, most importantly, Spirit.

One that has no belief in God and thinks that a made-up version of “science” is “progress” is doomed to fail. It is doomed to wreck everything it touches and we are seeing a full dose of that play out right before our eyes. The good news is a great number of people, globally, are awakening to the madness. We pray that it becomes “cool” to be part of the counterculture as that would expose the “woke” even more. Until then, we must rely upon ourselves, care for our families and pray, pray, pray for Jesus Christ to return and return quickly.

Most all of us had these vaccines as children and we would have never thought for a second that someone that was unvaccinated would spread one of these diseases to the vaccinated – it wasn’t even a thought. Now it’s what people have been told to believe and they are so ignorant to the Truth they believe anything and everything the government tells them.

In the meantime we like to share tidbits that we find along the trail to help keep informed about the players that are nothing more than agents of the devil himself. These people hate you, they hate your family – they want to destroy and wreck your family – and most importantly they want to brainwash your children – the younger the better.

Here are some of the more obvious of the bunch

There have always been people awake enough to try and warn the masses, today is no different

You simply have to listen to what they tell you. It is part of their “code of honor” to tell us exactly what they intend to do.

Just an interesting side note. When I saw this yesterday it really made me stop and think – how did they know? How was it possible to know what the planet looked like before we left the planet? If you notice the airplane is in what we now called lower space – the upper atmosphere. That had happened at the time this logo was made and that plane, as we all know, would not be able to do what it is depicted as doing.

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