In A Word These People Are…Evil

In A Word These People Are…Evil

When these people open their mouths they are telling us exactly what they plan for us. We must listen, we must pay attention and act accordingly.

Prayer is always the first answer, seeking, first the Kingdom of God, but then we must listent and act according to what Our Creator tells us to do. He, God, will never ever tell us to do anything evil, vile or violent. He will guide us to victory in a way that makes these people expose themselves before His Majesty and let the world know how we can defeat them. Listen intently every time.

If you think this evil is going on just in the U.S. or perhaps Australia as well, you would be 100% wrong. This is global. The evil has spread to every corner of this world.

This didn’t begin yesterday or in late 2019. No, it has been building for years.

This is what they have in mind for those of us that have not taken the jab. Why do you think there is no other talk about the “pandemic” other than the vaccine? Noting else, no other solution – the “final solution”…hmmmm where have we hear that before, you know, there is only one solution, the final solution? Where did we here that in history? How did that work out?

Those that have, or continue taking the jab, well… they won’t have to worry.

There are brave people standing up and speaking out. People of all stripes across all walks of life. From the prominent to the unknown.

Can’t forget about those racist white people exercising their “white privilege” to be cared for before “people-of-color” at the hospital…oh wait…

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