Disaster After Disaster: Prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse Goes off The Rails

Disaster After Disaster: Prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse Goes off The Rails

If you have followed the case surrounding Kyle Rittenhouse then you know it is the polar opposite of what was happening in the summer of 2020 when cities across the country were burned, looted and upwards of two dozen people were murdered by BLM and Antifa terrorist. Not one of them has investigated, arrested or prosecuted – NOTHING has happened to any of them.

Meanwhile, a 17 year old defending himself is brought before the world and everyone involved has attempted to show him as some kind of monster for defending himself.  Their evil has tripped themselves up at every, single attempt. Evil will not prevail in the face of the glory of God. What Kyle Rittenhouse did was not wrong, it was not against any law – wether a law of God or of man – not one thing that he did was out of balance with the law, period.

When you have people that answer to the devil, they are so confused about what is right and wrong they will say and do anything to meet their objective. This is, inevitably, where they make their biggest, and most damning, mistakes. Without fail they get sloppy and can only taste the blood in their teeth in which all decisions are made. Failure is a short step away.

One of these young men has help from the state the other is a made to be a demon by the state.

There should have been a mistrial called at this moment.

Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand earlier today and this was his first attempt at recounting what happened. You will hear the judge close to the end of the video call for recess for the young man to regain composure.

Now the Judge is calling this thing a sham.

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