Pope Kissing The Feet…

Pope Kissing The Feet…

If you’re a Catholic and still believe this Pope has a anything to do with Christianity or Jesus Christ or the Virgin Birth…well, explain this. Please do it in a way that is easy to understand. How many more instances he is going to show who he really is and who he is following before people begin to turn away, begin to understand and begin to call him a satanic globalist, which is all he is.

It’s not just the pope, it’s all his pedophile minions reeking havoc around the world.

It seems like the plans for what is happening around the world, right now, was actually set in motion sometime in the mid / late 1970’s. Which would be about right as far as timing in conjunction with other world altering events, like WWI, the Federal Reserve Bank and WWII and so on.

None of these things happen in a vacuum and as we continually remind everyone, they always, always, always, tell you EXACTLY what they are going to do. It is our responsibility to pay attention, stay vigilant and educate those around us to what is happening.

What do you think about CRT and how schools are indoctrinating our children to hate one another? Well, if you are of the misguided belief that is not happening, then explain this. Please do it in a way that is easy to understand.

More people pushing back, armed with truth and willing to fight for their children’s future and current well being.

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