Story About Man Who Raped Woman on Train While People Did Nothing Just Got Worse

Story About Man Who Raped Woman on Train While People Did Nothing Just Got Worse By Nick Arama for Red State

GNN Note – I didn’t think this story could get any worse – I was very, very wrong. /END

Sometimes there are stories that just make you shake your head about the humanity of people.

That was the story about the rape that occurred on the SEPTA train in Philadelphia.

It’s horrible enough that anyone would be so assaulted. But what made it even worse was the news that people saw what was happening and did nothing. Indeed, that some even seemed to be filming what was happening.

SEPTA Transit Police Chief Thomas Nestel III said “as many as 10 people actually saw some part of the attack on this rider.” He said the police checked the surveillance video, “We were watching to see if somebody put a phone up to their ear indicating they might be calling 911. Instead, what we saw was people holding their phone up as if they were recording or taking pictures.” The police said that it may have been stopped if the people called sooner. It went on through 27 train stops along the way, about 40 minutes.

It’s hard to imagine what’s going on in the souls of people who would respond that way in the face of such a horrible act. Ultimately, it was an off duty SEPTA employee who called the police. The police only received one call and responded within three minutes.

There were some reports that the people who did nothing and filmed could be charged.

It gets worse. The man allegedly behind the rape, Fiston Ngoy, is here illegally.

Ngoy entered legally on a student visa in 2012, but then overstayed. But he was not deported despite a record of multiple arrests, including a conviction for a prior sex offense.

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