From 100% to under 50% in Just a Few Months…

From 100% to 3% in Just a Few Months…

Fau-Chi and the other satanic globalist that have been pushing this DNA altering injection for the past year+ are beginning to see the fruit of their labor rot on the vein. People are awakening to this nightmare and a lot of those who have taken the injection are not happy about what has happened.

Why would a person take a medication who’s effectiveness diminishes, actually falls like a rock from the sky? If you’re blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, antidepressant worked this way you would never, ever take it.

Well, this is exactly what has happened with these so-called “vaccines” that are now being forced upon people. Just watch the effective percentage rate in the video below – it starts at 100% and continually drops point-by-point.

And of course the propagandaist in chief just lies, lies, lies. “super effective” “highly effective” – I would bet a $100 to a dime that he has not taken any of these so-called “vaccines” – not a drop of this poison is in system.

Please remember… Obey the laws of the land. Know the difference between a law and everything else. Executive Order – not a law.

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