All By Design…ALL…By Design

All By Design…ALL…By Design

Imagine taking health advice from someone that hates God so much they look God in the face and call Him a fool. Then proceed to change His Work, destroy their health and profess it’s normal. All of this is done to accommodate their deranged thoughts.

But, but, but the media said that it was good. Said he/she/it is not only normal, but more normal than you and I. The media also says climate hoax is real and follow the dictates of a, literal, child and proclaim that to be “science”, “evidence” that climate lies are truth.

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All you have to do is listen to the words proceeding from their mouth. As we say time and again, they always – ALWAYS – tell us precisely what they are going to do. It is our responsibility to take them at their word and then push back – push back hard and never, ever stop pushing.

Another prime example of the propaganda these satanic globalist attempt to make truth. Always remember the people on TV are 100% disposable. They will be replaced as soon as their cover is blown or they step out of line with the current narrative. They are 100% puppets to their owners.

More evidence of the lie there is some kind of “labor shortage”, “tight labor market” and just no one willing to do anything. Containers stacked to the sky. Container ships waiting off shore to off load speaks in volume of where the #EmptyShelvesJoe originates – ALL…by design – 100% of what you are currently seeing is ALL…by design.

You remember that experimental drug that was recently injected into your arm…well here’s a little food for thought. It breaks my heart that my wife gave in and has now been injected twice with this poison. There are no words to be describe the sadness in my heart over what has happened. It is a sadness without end. My greatest fear is when 5G is rolled out in 2022 and the graphene oxide is activated it will attack her, and everyone else that has taken this poison, it will attack from within.

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