Your Answer to the One Question Everyone Has About Healing

Your Answer to the One Question Everyone Has About Healing from CHARISMA NEWS

The topic of healing raises many questions in believers’ minds. How does God heal? Will He heal every time? What about those times when healing seems delayed?

The answer to those questions is found in our healing covenant from the Lord, Dr. Chip Beaulieu, pastor and longtime healing evangelist, tells Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of the Greenelines podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. He finds the foundation for that covenant—and his new book—in Exodus 15:26, where God says, “I am the Lord who heals you.”

“In the original language, that says, ‘I am Jehovah Rapha,'” Beaulieu explains. “So it’s the first time that the Lord spoke those two words together—’I am Jehovah, God that I am,’ but then He also said, ‘I am Rapha, the Lord who heals.’ And so He was making a covenant with Israel at that point in time that this is not just something that I do; this is something that I am.”

“As Christians, we get to take advantage of that,” says Beaulieu, who has seen many people healed through his international ministry as well as through the healing school at his church, Word of Truth Church in Dayton, Tennessee. Ha adds that the first question people have about healing is this one: Is it God’s will to heal?

Beaulieu has put the answers to those questions together in his new book, Our Healing Covenant, in the form of roughly 400 Bible verses in a variety of translations, all pertaining to healing.

“If you’ll read these verses, you’ll come to the same conclusion that we have, which is that it’s God’s will to heal—really, every single time without a single exception for all of humanity,” he says. “And that sounds like a radical statement, but it’s really not—it’s a covenant.”

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