What’s the REAL Threat to Public Health?

What’s the REAL Threat to Public Health? by Jeff Thompson for The Organic Prepper

America seems to have forgotten what the term ‘public health’ truly means. Numerous examples of counties/cities nationwide have slapped the label of ‘threat to public health’ onto just about anything imaginable. For example:

  • Racism? Yep, we can make that a public health issue. The CDC will even defend such a decision, saying that racism is dangerous to the public’s health (I wonder how they feel about communism). [source]
  • We don’t view crime as a public health issue. Nope. Guns are the problem. We need to label them as a public health threat as well. [source]
  • Masculinity? Yeah, we can make that a public health threat too. [source]
  • Climate change? Why, yes! Absolutely! [source]
  • Misinformation? Yep. [source 1 – source 2

While you can undoubtedly see how all of this is ridiculous, let me point out the true public health threat that America has not come to terms with yet.

What happened to Primum non nocere?

First, do no harm.

Doctors and hospital administrators refusing to treat patients are the true threat to public health.

Imagine a world where doctors outright refuse to treat you because of your skin color – a world where the hospital bars your admittance to the ER based on your religious beliefs. A world where you’re not permitted to pick up your medication because you have three children with you, and humans are bad for the environment.

It sounds like a nightmarish scenario. And it should. It would be a world without justice, where human rights don’t matter, and where humans are nothing more than worms. Yet, that is the world in which we live today.

Doctors worldwide are refusing to treat patients who won’t get the Covid vaccination, regardless of the patient’s reason for doing so.

This is a hostage situation

Imagine a doctor telling you that you aren’t allowed to enter the ER for your broken arm unless you first give him a semen sample. How on earth have we allowed these types of ‘conditions’ to be attached to the reception of medical care? And no, I’m not talking about the inability to pay.

I fully understand the necessity of refusing non-necessary medical care (e.g., plastic surgery, fertility treatments, etc.) to a patient that can’t pay. Yet right now, we’re witnessing the twisting of Americans’ arms behind their backs by their own hospitals to force them into submission.

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