Love and Respect…

Love and Respect…

One of my favorite former actors, Jon Voight, who played a pivotal role in the movie Deer Hunter – one of the most gut wrenching scenes ever created with Jon Voight and Christopher Walken.

Here is what Mr. Voight is doing now the satanic globalist in hollywood have turned their back on his talents.

Finally commentary from an insider as Archbishop Vigano claims that the Pope is a zealous cooperator in the great reset!

Taiwan death from COVID-19 vaccination exceeds death from COVID-19″
Vac deaths in Taiwan: 852
Deaths with COVID-19: 844
Prediction: Vaccinating low death rate countries (such as much of Africa) will elicit more deaths from the jab than from disease

This is not okay ….A nurse 29 yrs old who reportedly already had Covid is being escorted out of her job for not taking the vaccine…

Does anyone get the feeling we literally living out the Book of Revelation😳. Seriously, after watching this video I got chills up my spine😬. They put this plan into effect when there was only 1 billion people on the 🌍. DECADES AGO🤬!

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