Lies Being Exposed…The Truth Is Being Revealed

Lies Being Exposed…The Truth Is Being Revealed

On Sunday October 10, 2021 Southwest airlines announced they had cancelled more than 1,000 flights due to weather and ATC (air traffic control) issues. The ATC issues didn’t seem to effect other airlines nor did the weather seem be having any effect either. When we saw this during a “news break” on TV last night we couldn’t believe what we were hearing. We knew immediately that it was a lie. The local news station was reporting from the airport and showing a flight log for the airport showing all the other airlines still in operation.

Well, it turns out, we were right on the money.

What we were told…

Then the truth started hitting the airwaves on social media…

then the truth had to come to light. The gate was opened and all was being revealed…right on cue, as it always is.

The pilots are on “sick out” because of the following information is beginning to race around the world…

Let that long list of millions upon millions of people EXEMPT from getting the jab – but you, yes you – not so much. Put a mask on your 5 year old, get the triple-jab, pray that it doesn’t kill you and then, oh yeah, the really good news…as soon as Fau-Chi convinces enough of his criminal friends in CON-gress to lower the age of the “mandatory” jab to age 5, yeah, you child will be in line – but CON-gress’ children, not the homeless, not the illegal border jumpers, none of the employees for the CDC, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, or any of the other pharmaceutical companies. Breathe it all in. Then pass it along.

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