When ‘Experts’ Say ‘The Situation Is In A Crisis Mode’…

When ‘Experts’ Say ‘The Situation Is In A Crisis Mode’ By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

They Mean ‘There Is No End In Sight To The Supply Chain Catastrophe’ That Keeps Growing Exponentially Worse

Here at ANP we have an ongoing series of food shortage crisis piece, with images taken from all across the country, from different stores, showing the rapidly declining options on store shelves, at least those that aren’t totally empty.

What we haven’t addressed in as much detail is the other shortages, and the break down of the supply chain causing delays of nearly “half of all U.S. Imports.”

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Those looking for food links, a recent piece by Stefan Stanford offers plenty of them, here.

This piece isn’t about food in general, but rather taking a step back and looking at the issues with the entire supply chain, which is

It seems as if most stories written about this issue are encouraging people to do their Christmas shopping early because by they may not be able to get what they want come Christmas, but really, shopping for “presents” should be the least of our worries.

Nearly half U.S. imports come in through California ports, and the backlog is being touted as a crisis, as more than just ‘Christmas gifts’ are on the line.

From Business Insider via Yahoo News, in a piece titled “The director of one of the largest ports in the US warns the shipping industry is in ‘crisis mode’ as 66 cargo ships float off the California shore.”

Cordero, who oversees one of the busiest ports in the country, advised people to start holiday shopping as soon as possible due to the disruptions in the supply chain. The port will move about 20 million containers this year, more than ever before, Cordero told Fox Business. Consumers will definitely feel the pinch, as companies across the board – from raw materials to durable goods, electronics, furniture, and auto parts – have been hit with shortages and delays.

“The supply chain is definitely disrupted and has been for some time,” Cordero told the outlet. “The situation is in a crisis mode.”

Earlier this month, ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach broke multiple records for the number of ships in the locations, as well as the number of cargo ships waiting to dock. Since then, the number of vessels has trended slightly downward, but the ports maintain unprecedented levels of congestion. On Tuesday, the ports housed 144 ships – including 66 container ships waiting off the shore at anchor or in drift areas, according to data from the Marine Exchange of Southern California. Before the pandemic, the ports typically saw an average of zero to one ship waiting to dock, but now the ships wait weeks to unload.

Below you will see Maria Bartiromo interview Director of Long Beach Port, Mario Cordero.

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