Miracle Has Just Happened on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount!

Miracle Has Just Happened on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount! by JONATHAN FELDSTEIN for Charisma News

Wait, what? Jews and Christians can pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Why is that news?

At the conclusion of the 1967 Six Day War, Israel negotiated a cease fire with the Arab countries that had gone to war against it. A cease fire, not peace. Israelis believed that after the crushing defeat of the Arab armies and loss of vast territory, the Arabs would finally realize that they could not win militarily, and that Israel was a reality to life with, not fight against. Many believed that all that was needed was to negotiate to return the land and the Arabs would make peace. Simple.

While Israel was fully in control of all of Jerusalem, including the Old City which had previously been under Jordanian occupation (and never recognized internationally), Israel allowed Jordan to retain administrative control of the Temple Mount, with the Hashemite Kingdom serving as trustees of the mosques there. Part of that arrangement prevented non-Muslims, specifically Jews and Christians, from praying on the Temple Mount. This arrangement is referred to as the “status quo” and has governed the access to the Temple Mount in general, and specifically the inability of Jews and Christians to pray there.

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This perverse situation existed for decades; Israeli security would prohibit Jews and Christians from bringing Bibles, and other religious text and symbols to the Temple Mount, with access to Jews specifically, and Christians in general, severely restricted. People were detained for appearing to pray, silently moving their lips. Any outward sign of audible prayer was prohibited. It’s unknown how many people transversed the site on which both Temples stood, praying silently, that one day public prayer will be allowed.

It seems that God answered those prayers.

Recently, Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Judge Bilha Yahalom revoked a restraining order to a Jewish man, Rabbi Aryeh Lipo, who was “caught” praying on the Temple Mount during the previous Yom Kippur. The judge ruled that it is permissible for Jews to pray quietly in the holiest Jewish site. Presumably this applies to Christians as well, if not in the text of the judge’s order, at least in its precedent.

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