Are We Being Set Up For Mass Starvation? It’s Happened Before…

Are We Being Set Up For Mass Starvation? It’s Happened Before… by Daisy Luther for The Organic Prepper

What Was the Holodomor? Americans Could Soon Find Out Firsthand

From 1932-1933, a mass genocide took place in Ukraine. Millions of people, including children, were deliberately starved to death by the USSR during the Holodomor event. A state-organized famine was deployed when the Ukrainian people continued to thrive and keep their cultural identity separate from the USSR, despite being controlled by Communist forces.

Here’s a quick history lesson before we get into how this relates to prepping and the current events surrounding us.

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How do you destroy an entire culture?

According to the Holodomor Research and Education Center, dictator Joseph Stalin tried first to erase their culture in other ways.

His rule was characterized by the ruthless elimination of anyone and anything he perceived as a threat to his power. For Stalin, the independent-minded farmers and cultural freedoms in Ukraine constituted such threats. Starting in 1929, Ukraine’s writers, artists, educators, intellectuals and cultural elites were liquidated for being “too Ukrainian” and not “Soviet” enough. In 1930 Stalin wiped out Ukraine’s independent church, the Ukrainian Autocephalous (independent) Orthodox Church, and its clergy. Following the destruction of the intellectuals and the church, the Ukrainian farmers, who made up 80 percent of Ukraine’s population and thus were carriers of the language and culture, were next to be dealt a mortal blow.

When those efforts were not sufficient to assimilate the independent Ukrainians, the next step was breathtakingly ruthless.

As part of the Five-Year Plan of 1928–1933, the Soviet leaders conducted a massive reorganization of privately owned farms into collective (state-owned) farms and imposed high crop requisition quotas. It was the sale of grain that was to pay for industrialization. Independent farmers were forced to give up to the state their private land, livestock and equipment, without compensation. They simply became workers of the collective farm, who would be paid only if the collective farm handed over to the state the quota in crops set by Moscow.

The Ukrainians initially rebelled, but their rebellion was met with brutal retaliation. The state-controlled media demonized the wealthiest of the farmers, their families, and the community leaders. They were “othered” to the point that it was of little surprise when they were either executed by firing squad or deported to a Siberian concentration camp.

Collectivization = Starvation

The USSR followed up by stringently enforcing the collectivization of Ukrainian agriculture. They demanded exorbitant amounts of wheat – more than the people could produce. When farmers did not meet their quotas, brutal punishments were meted out. The government searched every home for anything that might be edible, and that food was taken by force by Communist brigades.

Communist brigades were sent out to search the homes of individual farmers, not only for hidden grain and seed but to confiscate all kinds of foodstuffs — onions, pumpkins, vegetables put up in jars for the winter — anything the families might use to survive the winter.

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