7 churches of Revelation – Times Of Fire

7 churches of Revelation – Times Of Fire

The letters from Christ to the 7 churches of Revelation teach us to wisely determine the times & to examine our hearts. Are you ready for Times of Fire? Join the Global Church Awakening & see this beautiful, impacting film on October 11 & 12. Get tickets: https://7churches.com/

This is how you present this type of information. You can believe what you like, but at the end of the day, it is, literally, you life, the life of every member of your family that’a taken the jab and one simple turn of the dial, push of a button and something could begin changing in our families and friends because they were told they were doing the right thing.

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We need more people marching, from school to school, standing up to these bullies called teachers and administrators. If they are following the policies coming down from the school board – without sounding the alarm – they are the real problem. The teachers and administrators are the last line of defense against these communist policies.

While parents, especially Moms, are doing all they can, they need the support – the eyes and ears of the teachers and administrators – in order to make this effective.

WE should find our courage and act upon it. Speak out, stand up, march, write your so-called Representative, attend school board meetings, get involved in some way – do it today. Make a commitment to yourself, to your family to your community, to your country to never, ever allow these filthy satanic-globalist to STEAL OUR CHILDREN AND STEAL OUR COUNTRY.

If we decide to let someone handle our part in the march, our part in the push back, our part in the resistance…

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